2014 Roads Survey

The oil-and-gas boom is beneficial for New Mexico, providing good-paying jobs and increased revenue for state government. At the same time, the higher traffic volumes are putting tremendous stress on our roads and highways. The number of traffic accidents and near-accidents has gone up significantly, and fatalities have occurred. This situation has reached crisis proportions.


I sponsored House Bill 315 in the 2014 legislative session to obtain additional road money for areas impacted by oil-and-gas development. The legislation asked for approximately $100 million dollars over a five-year period to pay for road repairs and maintenance in highway districts 2 and 5 (which include Eddy, Lea, Chaves, Roosevelt, San Juan, and McKinley counties, plus a few others). The bill passed one committee but was tabled in the Taxation and Revenue Committee. I WILL RUN THIS BILL AGAIN IN 2015 AND WILL BE WORKING PASSIONATELY IN THE INTERIM TO  LINE UP ADDITIONAL SUPPORT! If you agree that the condition of our roads poses a public safety issue, please fill out and submit the survey below. You may also send your comments via e-mail or letter (addresses are provided below). 


To date, I have received hundreds of survey responses, and I will continue to collect comments until this legislation passes. Please feel free to provide an updated post at any time. Your remarks will be featured in my Notice of Emergency addressed to New Mexico's 112 senators and representatives, Governor Susana Martinez, the New Mexico Transportation Commission, state Department of Transportation, various county and municipal officers, and our federal delegation. (Your name and contact information will not be disclosed to the public.) 

Your input is valuable and will help pass this legislation! Thank you for your help!


                                                                                   - Cathrynn Brown



Question No. 1:  Which road(s) in southeastern New Mexico need to be improved? Give highway number or common road name (for example, “Highway 62-180,” “Hobbs Highway,” “Derrick Road,” “Old Cavern Highway”), and please provide mile marker numbers if you know them. 

Describe the condition of these road(s). 
Feel free to submit photos of problem areas to my e-mail address listed below (showing, for example, potholes, shoulder drop-offs, cracking, asphalt buckling, etc.).
Question No. 2: Have you or a family member been in a traffic accident or "near-accident" on a road or highway in southeastern New Mexico in any of the past five years? Please describe what happened. Do you think the mishap or near-mishap was due to road conditions?

Question No. 3: What ideas do you have for making our roads safer (e.g., reduced speed limits, signals/signage, safety corridors, increased law enforcement)?  Where would you install or assign these measures?

Please scroll to the bottom of the page, provide your contact information, 
and type your answers in the comments box.

Thank you for joining the effort to make roads and highways safer in New Mexico!

Responses may also be sent to via e-mail to cath@cathrynnbrown.com or via a postcard or letter addressed to

State Representative Cathrynn N. Brown 
P.O. Box 3072
Carlsbad, NM  88221-3072
Note:  New postage rates apply on January 26, 2014.